World of Tanks could be released on the Switch?

Even today, World of Tanks is still one of the biggest free-to-play games on the PC and console market, more than six years after the original launch.

The game is free-to-play and available right now on Xbox 360, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. However, what about the Switch? Is there any chance of a port of the game to Nintendo’s hybrid console?

It seems, that there is indeed, although there are some warnings about it. Speaking in an interview published by GamesTM (#191), Wargaming’s Senior Game Designer Darold Higa told:
“Everybody is asking me this question, and it is not like we do not have many Switches in the office.
Because World of Tanks is free-to-play and because we do not have an ‘in’ on that ecosystem we have to see what the install base is. It has to reach a certain install base before we can include it [in our plans]. The way it works is that, because we are not selling a retail product, we do need a large number of players to support the cost of implementing the platform.

It is more just a question of; we have to have an economically viable product. That is why we have to watch the numbers real closely, and the executive team is always keeping track.”
Still, could it even run on the hardware? It seems that it is not much of an issue.

“Our engineers would spend the time to make it work. However, that is the thing; we have to make sure that we have enough budget to make sure that they can spend the time to make it work.
After all, the game launched on Xbox 360 in 2014, so there’s a good chance the Nintendo Switch can handle it.

Let’s not forget either, that World of Tanks also recently got the first single player/two player narrative driven mission from the War Stories expansion, which is going to be exclusive to consoles. The game will be updated to fully support the Xbox One X when it launches on November 7th.